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DO - Re-use you cup

In an attempt to reduce our single-use plastics, this year we will be introducing our £1 reusable cups. These will last you the whole festival and must be purchased to drink at Oxfest. We will be happy to rinse the cups, of course.  


Do also bring reusable water bottles as refills will be readily available at all times!

DO - Get involved

Oxfest was created with community and inclusivity in mind. Take a look at the activities available over the weekend and join in.  

DONT - Bring your own alcohol

There will be more than enough available on site, so we kindly ask do not bring your own. 

DO - Recycle 

No one likes a litterer! Please use the bins provided, separating waste (metal bins) from recycling (wheelie bins).


As this is a family-friendly festival, we ask that if you are smoking you use the ash trays provided. 

DO - Bring your furry friends

Everyone is welcome, not forgetting the dogs!

DONT - Drive if you don't have to!

Although there will be parking facilities at Oxfest, we are located very close to public transport links.  

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