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What can we eat?

In an attempt to offer a little more variety for you all this year, there will be three food offerings at Oxfest this year:


Sticking to what we know, our much-loved BBQ returns for another year. Meats from our own farm will be served alongside fresh salads and hopefully, copious amounts of sunshine!


We are thrilled to announce that Smorl's Kitchen will be joining us at Oxfest this year. They will be serving their INSANE vegan dishes to our happy festival-ers!  


We are bringing the seaside to Oxfest in 2019 in the form of a fish and chip stall! 




What can we drink?

Sticking to our Oxfest roots, the festival is very much still a chance for us to showcase the amaing beer, cider and perry scene the South East has. We will have over 40 to choose from, which is why a weekend ticket might be a good idea!


For those more partial to a Mojito, fear not. The cocktail bar returns, as does a fully stocked soft drink bar.

Alcohol policy

A kind ask from Oxfest

We work hard to ensure there is something for everyone at Oxfest. Open until hometime each night, you will be spoilt for choice at The Bar Tent.


With this in mind, we ask that you don't bring your own booze into Oxfest as we won't be licensed, and those trying to sneak a cheeky can (or three) past the stewards may be searched and asked to hand over the good stuff...

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